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"We help guests to select the right hotel by providing clear and detailed listings. This gives hotels more satisfied guests, and travel agents increased customer satisfaction."

besthotelinfo.com is a free online Hotel Directory that provides detailed and objective listings. Our clients are tour operators and hotels that want to offer their staff and guests the chance to inform themselves about a hotel in all respects.

In our experience customers who receive accurate and detailed information make more informed decisions and are more satisfied with the hotel choice. Fewer misunderstandings between hotel guests, hotel owners and tour operators will reduce requests for compensation.

What makes the besthotelinfo.com Hotel Directory so unique is that we do not classify the hotels and remain impartial. We do not include personal comments or opinions and the accuracy of the information collected is approved and signed by the hotel.

besthotelinfo.com's detailed Hotel Directory can also be used directly by any hotel or business partner directly on their website through "white pages". See example here. 

besthotelinfo.com's operations are conducted from our office in Malta. Since inception in 2007 besthotelinfo.com have built a solid Hotel Directory featuring hotels throughout Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the Caribbean.

If you would you like your hotel to feature on besthotelinfo.com's site; join up today. Call 00356-22019200 or email info@besthotelinfo.com

What is besthotelinfo.com Hotel Directory?
→ Use the besthotelinfo.com Hotel Directory to check the hotel your travel agent has recommended, or the hotel you are planning to book to see if it meets your needs.
→ Browse videos and pictures of all room types and view facts about the hotel's service, facilities and rooms.
→ Approximately 30 pages of hotel information from which TV channels will be available and the prices of mini bar items to the exact size of the pool, what is served in the breakfast buffet, the material of the linen and much more!
→ Factual, accurate and completely objective information.
→ The information is approved and signed by the hotel.
→ besthotelinfo.com is solely a directory and has no financial interest in any hotel choice.
→ besthotelinfo.com does not classify hotels and does not include personal comments or opinions.
→ The besthotelinfo.com Hotel Directory is totally free.

How do besthotelinfo.com collect the information?
When a hotel or a tour operator makes an agreement with besthotelinfo.com one of our Reviewers stays at the hotel for approximately 24 hours. She collects detailed information about the hotel's facilities, services and rooms. The besthotelinfo.com Hotel Directory presents exactly the same information for all hotels, so you can easily compare and select the right hotel for you. Facts and figures are approved and signed by the hotel and continuously updated.

What can you find in besthotelinfo.com Hotel Directory?
Each hotel is presented with approximately 30 pages of detailed facts with the following headings:
General Info: Location, distances to town centre, clinics, bus stop etc, number of rooms, restaurants, accessibility for disabled people, transportation, entertainment, etc.
Rooms: Room types, number of rooms, photos & videos of bedrooms, bathrooms and any other rooms, safety equipment, room service, television channels, material of mattress and linen etc.
Food & Beverage: Name and type of restaurants and bars, menus, price lists, accessibility, high chairs and children's menus, gluten free / diabetic / vegetarian / lactose free food,  recommended attire (dress code), etc.
Facilities: Internet, distance to post office, pharmacies, bank, etc., Sports & Games and Spa & Gym in the hotel and nearby
Pools & Beaches: Type and size of the pool & beach, depth, opening hours, toilets, showers, sunbeds, lifeguards, bars, etc.
Conference: Name, size, equipment, personnel, etc.
Children: Playground, playroom, entertainment, children's club, etc.

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